Live, Love Dance!

Here are some off the charts great old school dancing videos with great music and singing that will get kids off the couch. And be sure to play all full screen  and LOUD volume!! A few from the Nicholas Brothers to start it off strong: Watch for the jumps and FAST foot work:

With Cab Calloway:

Dorthy Dandridge:

Gene Kelly with Jerry (not the best quality, but kids love Jerry):

Gene Kelly and Danny Kaye singing and Moses’, roses, etc:

Make them laugh!! They’ll laugh for sure:

Dancing in the Rain?! What kid does not love this idea:

Fred Astaire full of color:
(might be a bit long and not the best for all kids)

Gene in Paris…my kids got into singing  “I got!” really quick (quality not the best. You know a better link?!):   Let me know if you have any others that will captivate kids attention and get them to enjoy dancing, music and singing!

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